Thanksgiving 2016

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5 Traits all Succesfull Small Business Leaders Must Have

Did you know that over half of all businesses fail in their first 5 years?  It takes more than a great product or service for a business to be successful. A great team of diverse [...]

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Entrepreneur or Entreprenot Today?

Sometimes you just have to make a move.   How many times have you heard a “great idea” for a business from people? I’ve heard it hundreds of times, half of which were from my [...]

Build Your Customer Avatar

What does your customer look like? You may have heard the term before, they’ve been called a target markets, audience segments, buyer personas, customer avatars, and buyer profiles. They are all referring to the same [...]

The Advertising Creative Mind Cluster

Growth and change in the digital advertising and marketing industry is rapid to put it lightly. I believe that the advertising and marketing industry in general will see an exponential change rate regardless of innovations [...]

Meet Jimmy Alfiere…

Who is Jimmy Alfiere, more so why should I care? As of 5/13/2016; Jimmy Alfiere aka. James Alfiere doesn’t exist according to Wikipedia. In fact, a search result today may yield results that would appear to [...]

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